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I’m back baby!

After recently being confined to bed in order to recover from a pregnancy related back injury I have been encouraged to refocus on my blog. Why was I discouraged? Well the distraction of the growing fetus is to blame. Sure I had plenty to write about during the preconception nightmare that was clomid (clomiphene) induced hormonal hell, but I certainly wasn’t ready to share my feelings with the big wide world. Infertilty is a sensitive topic one I don’t want delve into because I am certainly no expert. I feel really lucky that my little hell only went on for two months and for some people this torturous, torrid time can go on for months and years, with far more sacrifice and heartache than I went through. I feel complaining about it just isn’t really fair.

So while JT (Junior Tope) is doing his/her thing in there huzzy and I are keeping very busy to try and have the house ready to accept a newborn and to prepare ourselves for challenge that is raising the little one.

For now I am being forced to slow things up a bit, no more painting or sanding or housework of any kind (the latter I’m not too upset about).
So it’s it’s back to blogging, but please if this turns into all things baby, feeding, reflux, nappies, teething and settling techniques somebody slap me. Of course there will be nursery decor, clothes and toys just none of that other stuff that is going to consume all my other waking thoughts.


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