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New beginnings

Whilst honeymooning in beautiful Koh Samui some time ago, I read a bit about blogging, and it seems there is a lot to gain from this virtual diary, a bit of an upgrade on the diary I kept in the 1990’s – “dear diary I haven’t seen my crush in 6 weeks, I wonder if ill see him on Saturday… Blah blah”. Only this one isn’t scented.

Minimalist blogger Joshua Becker writes, 15 reasons I think you should blog, interesting philosophies which have convinced me to do just that.

During my nursing degree we were brainwashed with the idea of ‘reflection’ in order to improve our practice… It’s safe to say my colleagues and I at the barnyard have perfected this over a glass of Chardonnay or a girly big brunch. Perhaps this blog will serve as some ‘self reflection’, I always say ‘there is nothing like a cooking fail to bring you back down to earth’ but there is also nothing like that triumphant feeling when you finish a project you thought you never would and it actually looks half decent.

I’m not an IT expert but I am a self confessed Internet junkie. I’m not a great photographer, though I would like to be. These seem like pretty important additives for blogging, nevertheless I will try to document my successes and failures in everything else I try my hand at, as well as my thoughts and inspirations, an eclectic mix of all things vintage and modern, DIY, and yogalates.

I hope to stick at this for more than 6 weeks, and at the very least improve my photography and IT skills. And maybe, just maybe some internet junkie like me might stumble across this humble blog and find joy in reading a little bit about me.

@ the Akyra Resort, Chaweng Beach

Here are some of my favourite blogs:

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3 thoughts on “New beginnings

  1. Kellie Tope delightful reading. I am intrigued. Would consider self reflection with you anytime. Please keep writing I draw many ideas from you and love picking your brain.
    X x

    Ps terrible photo I’m off to have a cup of air. Mwah .

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